As technology progresses and the world becomes smarter, faster and more advanced, it’s important to think about how our planet is being affected.

Many of us are starting to do more and more to reduce our carbon footprint and thinking of ways to live a greener lifestyle. A new technology that is becoming increasingly popular is electric vehicles. With the implementation of home car charging it is becoming much more cost effective and convenient to run an electric vehicle.

However, it is not quite as simple as plugging your vehicle into your existing electrical sockets. The sockets that are typically found in our homes are not designed to take the constant load of electricity that an electrical vehicle will draw and in doing so may create a range of problems. Using a standard 13 amp socket will also severely restrict the rate of charge and will more than likely take up to as long as 12 hours.


By installing a specialist domestic car charging unit you can have the confidence that you and your family will be safe and avoid the risk of fires and other serious accidents. A specialist domestic car charging unit will also dramatically increase the speed in which your electrical vehicle can be charged. This can often be completed in as little as 3 hours. These specialist units are fully waterproof and therefore can be installed either inside a garage/outhouse or on an outside wall.




Here at WLE Electrical Services Ltd we offer a Design, Installation and Maintenance of LED Lighting Systems. We are Innovators & Installers of a variety of LED systems which can be designed to suit your installations needs.


LED lighting for commercial applications offers exceptional light quality which is both crisp and vibrant. LED Lighting is designed to create better environments that in most cases exceeds our customers expectations.

The bright, sleak lighting that LED lights produce for classrooms and offices brings the obvious energy saving factors whilst creating a more natural environment for working. LED Lights have been proven to allow less stain on the eyes and reduce glare on monitors.

Lighting plays a critical role in the retail sector. LED Lighting Technology delivers superior colour quality,compared to fluorescent lighting,  ensuring that merchandise is always rich and colourful .


Industrial lighting can be very expensive to run especially hi-discharged Mercury Vapour style lamps.
LED lighting equivalent replacement uses 75% less energy with up to 50,000 hours life span.
We have a wide range of hi-bay lighting to accommodate every warehouse and industrial solution.


LED lighting makes it easy to upgrade your existing home lighting to energy efficient LED technology  with the exceptional light quality you expect from incandescent bulbs. WLE Electrical offer a wide range of LED solutions for any home, ideal for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, porches and garages .

All LED Lighting will produce cost savings in both energy and maintenance and produce a better quality of light.

Whether it’s outdoor lighting designed to draw attention while providing a safer environment or indoor lighting customised to create a pleasing, comfortable atmosphere; WLE has the solution.