Here at WLE Electrical Services Ltd we offer a Design, Installation and Maintenance of LED Lighting Systems. 

We are innovators & installers of a variety of LED systems which can be designed to suit your installations needs.


LED Lighting for commercial applications offers exceptional light quality which is both crisp and vibrant. LED Lighting is designed to create better environments that exceeds our customers expectations.

The bright, sleak lighting that is produced for classrooms and offices brings the obvious energy saving factors whilst creating a more natural environment for working. Another benefit of LED Lighting is they have been proven to allow less strain on the eyes and reduce glare on monitors.

Lighting plays a critical role in the retail sector. LED Lighting Technology delivers superior colour quality , compared to fluorescent lighting, ensuring that merchandise is always looking rich and colourful.


Industrial lighting can be very expensive to run especially hi-discharged Mercury Vapour style lamps. LED Lighting equivalent replacement uses 75% less energy with up to 50,000 hours life span. We have a wide range of hi-bay lighting to accomodate every warehouse and industrial solution.


LED Lighting makes it easy to upgrade your existing home lighting to energy efficient LED technology with the exceptional light quality you expect from incandescent bulbs. We offer a wide range of LED solutions for any home, ideal for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, porches and garages . All LED Lighting will help with cost savings in both energy and maintenance whilst producing a better quality of light.

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