Here at WLE Electrical Services Ltd we have the capabilities to Design, Install and Maintain LED Lighting Systems to match your project requirements. 

Some of the Benefits of LED Lighting are:

General Benefits:


  • Exceptional lighting quality in comparison to other forms of lighting.
  • Enhances aesthetics of the environment they are lighting.
  • Enhances work conditions of the environment (i.e less eye strain and reduced glare on monitors)
  • Energy Efficient
  • More cost effective to maintain.


Retail Sector Specific Benefit:


  • Produces superior colour quality, in comparison to fluorescent lighting.


Industrial Specific Benefit:


  • 75% more energy efficient than hi-discharged mercury vapour style lamps, with up to 50,000 hours life span.


As displayed in the benefits above, led lighting overall produces better quality light, cost savings, in the form of energy efficiency and maintenance costs, and is also the best option for the environment.


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